Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm still alive!

Hi everyone!

Apparently its been a while since I have posted here! My how time flies.
The birds are starting to come back!! I received a report today that Prairie Falcons are back at their traditional nest site in SW Saskatchewan, that Golden and Bald Eagles are being seen in the province and that Ferruginous Hawks are also coming home!!
How exciting is that!

Unfortunately, my long absence from the blog here has been a result of my lack of internet connection at home still.
But now with birds on their way home, I'm sure I'll be posting more often from work.

Just wanted to address some of the weird comments that have been posted here. Please know I do not support these anonymous comments that have been posted. I have deleted them all and hope that they do not continue. Please feel free to post on the blog if you have a legitimate comment regarding my blog.

I have begun receiving some band recoveries for the last two years of banding!! I've got a couple of Ferruginous Hawk recoveries in some neat places. I will hopefully post these results next week! Stay tuned!