Thursday, September 13, 2007

What do to if you find a banded bird!!!

Firstly, reporting bands is the most important thing you can do if you find a banded bird. If no one reported banded birds then there would be no point in carrying out these projects!!!
So if you encounter a bird, dead or alive, that is banded please take down this information.
1. Record the exact number on the band (If the bird is dead, you can take the bird to the museum if it is in good condition.).
2. Record any other colour bands, and their exact combination (ex. blue over black bottom left leg.).
3. Record the date you encountered the bird.
4. Record the exact location of the bird.
5. Record the species, age, or sex (if you can tell).
6. Record the condition of the bird when you found it (alive, dead, injured, etc).
7. If it is dead, determine the cause of death, if you can.
Once you have all this information, or as much as you can gather, the next step is to submit it.

Its easy!
Either call 1 -800-327-2263 (1-800-327-BAND) or go to this website -

All banding data must be submitted to CWS and USFWS as they are the central system for bird banding. Once CWS has received the data, they will pass it along to the appropriate bander.

If you find a banded bird make sure you send in the data!!
The Bird Banders Thank You!!

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