Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Talking about Banding

Today, Tyke (the Great Horned Owl) and I, visited Mrs. Mehlsen's class of grade 4 students, at McClurg school. We talked about owls in general, and the different kinds you can find around Regina during different parts of the year.

We talked about Great Horned Owls, Short-eared Owls, Burrowing Owls, Snowy Owls, and of course Northern Saw-whet Owls.
What a great group of kids! There were many great questions and they were attentive for the entire presentation.
Tyke and I had a great time!!
If you know of a class or group that would like to have a presentation about raptors (hawks, owls, falcons or eagles) and/or bird banding just email me!
If you are interested in meeting Tyke, we will be giving a presentation at the Central Library (downtown) on Tuesday November 20th at 7:00pm.

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